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I'd go through your phonebook and whack em all And find contestant #1 and break his f***kin jaw!

Anyone who looked at ya, would have to pay I'd be blowin f***kin nuggets off all day!

After combusting in 1991, the only members left, Violent J (born Joseph Bruce) and Shaggy 2 Dope (born Joseph Utsler), slightly altered their name to reflect the fact that they had been visited by the Carnival Spirit, who ordered them to carry word of the impending apocalypse by touring the nation and releasing six "joker cards" (popularly known as LPs) with successive revelations of the final judgment.

Hurry up bitch I'm hungry, I smell spaghetti, I'd pinch her limpy a*s and tell her get the food ready!

However, all of the publicity helped expand the group's cult following to the point where their next album, the 1999 concept record The Amazing Jeckel Brothers, debuted in the Top Five.

As evidenced by the numerous different collectible covers for The Amazing Jeckel Brothers, ICP had become a virtual merchandising machine, complete with comic books to flesh out their elaborate Dark Carnival mythology; they also wrote and starred in their own straight-to-video movie, Big Money Hustlas, and made guest appearances at wrestling events.

Look, f***k you, I gotta strong rap s***t You don't want contestant #2 he's mad whack I walked into a bar, and there he was Standing on a bucket (eeeuuugghhh) tryin ta f***k it It was a big f***king smelly a*s farm llama Damn dogg!

Insane Clown Posse are a cartoonish metal/rap band with a vaunted live show that features open fires, chain saws, liters of soda dousing the audience (Faygo is the group's favorite brand), and more emphasis on performance art than music.

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