How to stop dating site spammers

If you think, "That's okay, I have a spam filter," then you're in for a nasty surprise.

Your filter will sometimes send real messages to your spam folder by mistake, and you won't see them.

It's far less likely that a spammer will target a subdomain to send randomly-addressed spam to (especially if they've never heard of that domain), and less likely that they'll list the subdomain in the return address of spam they send out.

Dreamhost offers catch-all addresses and free subdomains with hosting plans, and they host a domain for as little as .95/mo.

In a perfect world, you could have all of the following on your web pages: When you do something to keep spambots from stealing addresses from your web pages you'll give up at least one of those features.

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If the throwaway address starts getting spam, you literally throw it away -- put an autoresponder on it directing readers to your new address, and start over with another address. That lets you create a new email address on the fly by using a sign. You can use lisa [anything]@and it will work automatically, without your setting up anything special. When you apply for a Home Depot credit card, you use lisa [email protected] send to thousands or millions of addresses at the same time and they get thousands of bounce messages since many of the addresses they sent to are outdated.Spammers don't waste their time going through the thousands of bounce messages to see if someone posted their new address with an autoresponder.In fact, most spammers don't harvest email addresses from websites themselves -- just a handful of evil-doers harvest addresses, then those addresses get sold and re-sold over and over again. Woe to (s)he who puts a real email address in that field.Here are other other ways spammers get your email address.

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