Horney house wife chat room

Perhaps it was the wisp of perfume I caught as she walked smilingly by me into the house.

Noticing the Doug was behind the car getting their suitcase out I was unable to prevent myself (oh hell, preventing my ass) from checking her out from the rear. She wore only a long football jersey that came down to mid thigh. I whispered, "Deanna, tonight you're mine."I couldn't decide what to do first, then finally decided to start at the bottom, her toes. I just prayed they wouldn't be the over the belly white cottons. I loved the small breasted petite gals, so nice and firm.

It was getting near morning and Doug would be back soon.

I had fucked her missionary style this last time, imagining her moaning and begging me to pump her harder.

He'd just come back in the late morning, pick her up and they'd be on their way. At twenty-nine minutes and thirty seconds I could wait no longer. I quietly made my way through the kitchen and down the hallway towards the guest room. Yes, she was a Victoria's Secret girl, I should have known. I laughed at the thought of what I might say if she suddenly woke up. Again I kissed the top of her inner thigh, now up to her panty line.She had on this little black number that didn't even reach her knees, which was good because her legs were awesome, long and lean.I'd have given a years salary to kiss from her knees on up to her inner thigh. Deanna didn't show much cleavage, which was fine, because her dress fit snugly over her small but firm tits.I opted for the guest room, since they might, just might, have sex.I set to work fitting the cam behind the vent in the room.

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