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For example, this may mean working out a different work schedule or shifting some job duties to other employees.The employee will have to ask the employer (and union) to accommodate his or her disability but does not have to tell them that he or she has hepatitis C.Employers and unions cannot fire or treat a person negatively because he or she is infected with HCV or needs some time off because of symptoms of hepatitis C or side effects of hepatitis C treatment.If a person is sick because of the virus or medications used to treat HCV, the employer or union may need to make “accommodations” so that the employee can continue to do the essential duties of the job.Policies that insure large groups of people, like insurance benefits that come with a job, often do not require this type of information.

Read the entire FAQ below, or click on a link to skip to a specific situation: Hepatitis C is a reportable disease.

For more information about hepatitis C and work, see the pamphlet “Hepatitis C in the Workplace.” People can choose whether or not to tell healthcare providers about their HCV infection.

People with hepatitis C do not have a legal duty to tell them.

The hepatitis C virus is not transmitted by casual contact, such as sharing dishes, shaking hands and hugging.

But blood and items that come in contact with blood may be infectious to other people.

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