Happy one year anniversary quotes dating

Decorating with red and black is classically Hollywood and will look chic and sophisticated.Whether you serve a full sit-down feast, hor d’oeuvres and champagne or just desserts, you can get creative with the food at an Old Hollywood party.Sending them home with a little gift is a thoughtful way to thank them for sharing in your special day.Small bags of candy or cookies with a tag bearing the couple’s name make great classic favors.Set up a photo display of the couple for guests to see how they’ve spent their 50 years together.You can work the photos into the table centerpieces, spell out “50” in photos, use clothespins to clip them onto strings and hang them, or get creative like this blogger did: Party favors are a fun way for your guests to remember the joyous occasion.Have some fun with your decorations to really make the couple feel like they’ve brought you all to Maui.Once you’ve picked a theme for your party- or decided against one- it’s time to select your 50th anniversary party invitations.

Create a party playlist, stock up on mai tai mix and make sure to buy plenty of little umbrellas.

Here are a few theme ideas: Because of its value and rarity, the 50th wedding anniversary is considered the golden anniversary.

Hosting a gold-themed party not only honors the couple, but will look fancy and fabulous.

Start by sending out golden anniversary invitations.

If you’re willing to spend a little more, consider creating custom 50th anniversary magnet invitations.

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