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The chapter concludes with several figures, which should have been interspersed throughout the earlier narrative.Any reader following the book should at that point have a working copy of Drupal in his development environment.The Tagadelic module is recommended for generating tag clouds, including a friendlier 404 error page, using the directory path "/tagadelic"; but Figure 3.5 shows the setting without that leading slash, and a quick test suggests that it does not work.

Chapter 7 discusses the details of adding forums, shout boxes, buddy lists, messages, subscriptions, a newsletter, user points, user status, user activity (think Twitter), and user groups.

The author explains how to install Drupal on one's local Web server.

A Windows-only developer may be confused by steps 2, 3, and 8, which are specific to Linux/Unix, but not labeled as such.

Chapter 5 extends the previous topic, by demonstrating how to enhance the new user profile content type by implementing additional functionality: image and video galleries, a site member's location on a world map, member search, and featured members.

In the next chapter, the author shows how to add more text-oriented content types, using the Views, Panels, and Fivestar modules.

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