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The characters in the new content, with one or two exceptions, come across more like spoiled buffoons than genuinely nefarious criminals.

The dour pallette of the Lost And Damned has been ejected, and even the pause menu takes on a Day-Glo font.At the same time Lopez tries to prevent Prince from doing himself in with a cocktail of pills, booze, drugs and hysterical fits.Despite the grim set-up, The Ballad Of Gay Tony is an altogether more upbeat affair than The Lost And Damned.The new DLC will take players around ten to twelve hours to complete, but chances are they'll be having so much fun, the time will flash by.This is largely down to the outlandish activities they'll find themselves taking part in which include stealing a subway car with an air-crane, escaping from a skyscraper by parachuting onto a flatbed truck and taking part in a race which involves skydiving, boat-racing and speeding down Algonquin's main roads in a nitro-boosted sports car.

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