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The translators were forced to use this awkward phrase.The term "homosexual" was only created in the late 19th century.

Greek sex date-23

We can conclude that he probably meant something different than people who engaged in male-male adult sexual behavior.The year 1991—136 houses and 496 inhabitants: 348 Slovak, 1 Czech, 80 Ruthenian origin, 66 Ukraine, 1 other, 14 Roman Catholic, 379 Greek Catholic, 41 Orthodox, 10 without religion, 52 not identified. History: The community is first mentioned in the year 1349 in a document in connection with the sale of the šoltýstvo, when Michal, the son of Fabián, šoltýs at that time, sold the local šoltýstvo, which he bought from Mikuláš, to two Spiš townsmen.The field of land, the brewery and the mill belonged to the šoltýstvo.More recent versions of the Bible translate arsenokoitai here as: In doing this, they appear to have little respect or attention to the actual meaning of the original Greek verse.By using the term "homosexual" the translators changed the scope of the verse.

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