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Where sweet cakes and biscuits would once have been a treat from the local baker, children now have the opportunity to eat mass-produced, chemical-packed snacks on a daily basis.“It paves the way for an unbalanced diet, instead of favouring a simpler, less refined and more wholesome one,” Damiano lamented. Many commentators have pointed the finger at the sedentary lifestyle led by Italian youngsters, who spend some of the highest number of hours in Europe on the computer, watching TV and chatting on their smartphones.Gone are the days of local, open-air markets and rustic delicatessens and bakers.The vast majority of Italians now do their shopping in massive supermarket chains and are buying lower-quality industrial products where once upon a time they bought artisanal ones.A number of educational programmes based around food have been launched too, as have attempts at creating healthier school dinners, as the government tries to prevent an obesity epidemic further down the line.

The time and commitment that it takes to be a founding sister is unparalleled in the Greek Community.The Delta Xi Chapter was installed in May 2015, and Amy was kicked out just under a year later.Alcohol abuse is rampant in Greek life, and many consider what is medically considered excessive drinking to be a normal part of their life. Department of Education’s Higher Education Center, 62 percent of sorority members engaged in binge drinking versus 41 percent of non-sorority members.“This lack has been seized upon by advertisers, who are now pushing commercial products on Italians.” Italy's younger generation are increasingly eating more processed foods, more junk food and more sugary sweets and drinks.A notable example of this can be seen in an aggressive advertising campaign launched by Coca-Cola in Italy in 2011.

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