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Take a chance and commit to the night being a good one by taking a date to Lost Lake, the Logan Square tiki bar.You might feel a little weird ordering a “Bunny’s Banana Daiquiri” or “A Lonely Island Lost In The Middle Of A Foggy Sea,” but rest assured that’s the move here.On a first date, you never want to act like you take yourself too seriously.(Even if you’ve changed your outfit nine times already.) Suggest the casual but consistently enjoyable Bangers & Lace.The funky Indian-English pub has quirky decorations, quality drinks, and great food.That means you can chat it up over beers or one of their many variations of Pimm’s Cup drinks, and transition into food if it seems like a good idea.Kimski is the perfect combination of casual neighborhood tavern and slightly trendy hang.It’s attached to and owned by Maria’s Packaged Goods and Community Bar - which will show your date you know the good local spots - but the newer Kimski part has a more lively warehouse feel and serves fun Polish-Korean bar food, proof you also know the cool new spots.

First dates are important, though, so consider going somewhere other than your local corner bar where the bartender knows your name.

To help our Chicago area daters with that all-important first impression, we've amassed a carefully curated collection of can't-lose, first date spots.

Our Staff loves going to Candlelite restaurant for the best thin crust pizza in Chicago!

Pick a place that's too intimate and you'll look like a desperate Bryan Adams song personified.

Choose a spot that's too casual, like the drive-through window of a Carl's Jr., and risk having your profile flagged for scrubism.

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