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This is where things get dicey, chatbots fail, and customers get frustrated.Let’s take a took a look at two of the “best” NLP engines available: Google’s API. Here’s how they do at filling a simple “time-slot”: Every human would be able to look at the test phrases and accurately determine the time the customer wanted to be called.I’ve been consulting with quite a few companies lately and helping them with their “bot” and “messaging” strategy.These forward-thinking companies recognize that there is a titanic shift coming — some say a once-in-a-decade paradigm shift — from websites and mobile apps to messaging-based collaboration. US Adults spend 23 hours a week in messaging services.Rather than making users fill out a lengthy form, Browder used a natural language interface to gather the data needed to fill out the form.He then used IBM Watson’s Conversation service which helped him improve accuracy by 30%.

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People began contacting him asking for help with other legal issues relating to evictions, bankruptcies, and repossessions, so he decided to expand the capabilities of the bot to help homeless people.

Even dramatic improvements in NLP over the coming years — say from a 70% success rate for slot-filling to a 90% success rate actually won’t help much.

At a 90% success rate, the chance that NLP would succeed filling four slots is around 65% — a third of the time these mythical future bots will just fail with “Sorry, I didn’t understand.” This problem isn’t going away anytime soon..

The situation for chatbots is even more dire due to the laws of mathematics.

Once you string a few of these slot-filling exercises together serially, your chatbot will quickly encounter the scourge of combined probability: As you can see, as the number of slots increases, the combined chance of success falls dramatically.

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