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I tell him things I don’t tell the people I’m dating! You can’t demand that they not be friends with someone who was their friend prior to the new relationship. The new relationship should be respectful of that, in my opinion. They end up in a seemingly worthless loop of dating, friendship, dating, friendship, etc. the first of the three was a two year relationship with a kid i thought i was gonna marry. it was really bad between us for months but now we’re great friends….maybe even sometimes with benefits. I would say that after dating several women for various periods of time in my forties after the divorce, most are still friends – to various degrees. It’s when one is particularly the jealous type that it’s a problem.

“untested, possibly only going to last a week or five boyfriend.” Sorry you have those experiences. Besides, if you are meeting someone that you are hoping that it will develop into something more the a few weeks. but we both know it will never work out for us to date again. But as I said, in most cases it isn’t necessary to be “offended” by a break-up – just because you do not appeal to the other one after dating for a while, or vice versa.

And we’ve both fallen in love with other people who understand that we’re friends now.

But remaining friends was something we were both interested in.

I have stumbled upon a dating conundrum that I cannot figure out on my own.

I don’t need to consult an advice columnist, or my friends or therapist.

He is now a family friend and is my daughter’s godfather. The other time this has really been successful was with my first love. I’m friends with my most serious ex-boyfriend, and now friendly with my high school sweetheart.

In my previous relationship, we were both very good friends, then we dated, and now we are very good friends again.In fact, the only ex I have that I’m not friends with now, started romantically right off the bat. Then you are still hanging on to your ex and that is not good for your new relationship.Then we had no baseline friendship to go back to, we didn’t know how to interact in that capacity. @Chaz Maz: I would rather keep a good, old, reliable friend than dump them for a new, untested, possibly only going to last a week or five boyfriend.We work in the same field and our bond is not only personal, it’s professional. I witnessed it in action with the last girl he dated. And then, this was the thing he said that stumped me: “We’re such great friends and I think we would be such a great couple, but I can’t figure out how we get from one to the other.” That shut me up. Trust me, I have faced more than my fair share of dating dilemmas in my love life, and I’ve usually known (or at least been able to eventually figure out) how to handle them. One of the members of this group is a guy that has been a close friend of mine for the last two years. When he declared his feelings, or attraction, or whatever, he followed that up immediately by saying that he was afraid that he would hurt me or let me down in some way.

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