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Instead of being glued to a screen, you can learn more about your friends or family and create some fantastic new memories.They are a great way to stay occupied and share a few laughs while on the road!For example: “Sean Bean” — “Game of Thrones” — “Lena Headley” — “Judge Dredd” — “Karl Urban” — “Star Trek” This game requires a bit of creativity, but it can be quite fun for adults to play.The first person thinks of something fortunate about the trips or what has happened that day. The next person must follow it up with some unfortunate event tied to the first event.” (The Ting Tings) Another simple and funny road trip game that will help the time go faster.Simply think of two strange or disgusting activities and ask your fellow passengers which one they would prefer to perform.

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The last one to say padiddle has to do something for the other person. So try a few of the above road trip games for adults — you’ll be surprised by how fun the journey becomes! Check out our bonus list of 35 family road trip games.

The next person has to answer with a film that this actor starred in.

The next person has to answer with the name of another actor who starred in the film and so on.

For example, “Would you rather have no arms or no legs?

” Everyone should put some thought into their responses and have a couple of funny reasons why they made the choice. It starts by a person mentioning the name of a random actor.

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