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Chaim's mother began raising him alone, and the family continued struggling in poverty.Flora found work in a coffee shop, and often left Chaim in the care of babysitters.Simmons later pursued interests in fashion, publishing, and acting, and starred in the A&E reality TV show Musician, entertainer.Born Chaim Witz on August 25, 1949 in Haifa, Israel.Eventually, Chaim's parents agreed to separate, with Yeichel leaving for Tel Aviv to look for work.The family would never reunite, and Chaim would not see his father again.He studied rigorously while his mother worked at a button factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn., Simmons admits his musical interests came while watching the Beatles on television one night.

So, after high school, Simmons headed to Sullivan County Community College to get his associate's degree in education.

Stanley decided to join Simmons and Coronel's band, Wicked Lester, and the group began experiencing some success on the nightclub circuit.

But the band wasn't pulling in enough money and, to support his musical aspirations, Simmons held a brief stint as a sixth grade teacher in Spanish Harlem, followed by a job as an assistant at the Puerto Rican Interagency Council.

The group, fronted by Simmons, won a school talent show, and gave Simmons a modicum of fame.

This led to a series of bands for Simmons, including Long Island Sounds and Rising Sun.

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