Gemini man dating scorpio woman

She needs her privacy and the Gemini man's constant questioning and taunting regarding the aspects he doesn't get, may lead to some friction between them.This guy loves to roam around, and you can't expect him to be glued to one particular place like his woman expects him to be.In spite of being so completely different from each other, hope still remains if these two are willing to let go of the bad times and change their attitude a tad bit to make the other feel at ease.An example for the same would be this: If the Scorpio woman can learn how to respect her man's privacy, if she could (with a lot of difficulty) give him some space so that he continues to socialize and explore more, rather than being tied down to her all the time, and if the Gemini man can understand his woman's passionate and spiritual need of love and commitment, and work towards it, then, and only then, can this relationship work out.

On the other hand, this unstable, childlike man may get startled by her constant nagging and possessive nature.He might feel that she is somewhat scary with evil intentions in her heart.He might feel repulsive, and like his nature, may move on to someone who lightens up the stress this relationship is taking him through.She thinks of him like an interesting puzzle that she is curious to solve.She wonders what his truth is, what his real-self is, and this is what gets her into this relationship.

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