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I love the idea of a more darker, realistic tone, and trying to deal with insecurities around coming out - the first time I tried going to Q&A and John just -refused-, and coming out to Jake were really emotional.

Because of the more realistic tone though, the twins do not work for me at all.

Adam I like, he seems like a good guy, Dan and James both feel well-defined for what they're supposed to be. The backgrounds are serviceable, though the kiosk for the pizza place is really confusing (as are the boxes for the dinner table) - they overall give enough info to keep tabs on where we are.Yearning: A Gay Story (YAGS for short) is a character-driven slice-of-life game set during your freshman year on a college campus.You'll meet people, make friends, come out, and maybe start dating someone.https://yags-game.I also tweet general status updates, photos, and random thoughts in the development process. Wow, I saw this earlier tonight, and thought I'd download it to give it a try, and ended up spending the rest of the night playing.

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