Friends first before dating

So when she asks herself, "What kind of a man am I looking for?", she naturally wants one who is safe -- like a friend -- but still sexually attractive to her -- like a stranger.That's why in How to Succeed with Women we spend so much time talking about helping her feel safe with you.Men often ask us, "If women are so horny, like they often say they are, why don't they just go up to a guy and say, 'let's have sex'? First, a woman doesn't want to have sex with a "friend," as it will make her feel like a slut, because she knows her friend well, and will have to see him again. On the other hand, she won't go up to a stranger and ask for sex, because a stranger could very well be .It doesn’t matter when you roll over in bed with no makeup on, a fever, and swollen eyes – a will love and take care of you just the same. These questions are never concerns when it comes to spending time with a friend, because it doesn’t matter comfortable in any relationship, no matter how long we are together. This type of comfort only exists when a friendship is built, not when we spend our time trying to impress each other and not showing him or her who we really are. Let’s say, for example, you are invited on to a game show and are required to choose a teammate, but you are not allowed to pick a family member. You can work together and balance out each other’s strengths.

Friedrich Nietzsche once said: This concept serves to teach us the importance of building a foundation for happiness that stretches beyond intimacy into friendship itself. When dating, we typically only want to show someone our best self.So she's in a bind..the one hand, she can't have sex with a friend, without being reminded of her slutty behavior every time she sees you (thus "wrecking the friendship"), and on the other hand, she can't ask a stranger for sex, because of the very real and intelligent concern that he might end up being a violent psycho.This safety fear is much more present for women than you probably think.The world of casual sex is much more dangerous for women than it is for men. If you can go slow and still be romantic, she will feel safe with you has sold over 40,000 copies.They have been featured in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Playboy, YM, Maxim, GQ UK, Swank, Gallery, and Players.

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    Try to avoid clichés and overused phrases such as “easy-going” and “looking for love”.