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After arriving to Brazil, they had to take a small plane to reach the hotel in the middle of Jungle.

Even though they were the only two passengers, the plane was filled with supplies since the plane was the only mean of transportation from hotel to the modern world.

She was starting to give up on her dreams about going for adventures in jungles soon after starting a job as receptionist at a software company.

But everything started to change for good once caught the attention of company owner one day.

There was a fire in the back of the plane where the supplies were and he remembered seeing few propane gas tanks in the supplies when they load the plane. The plane is going to explode." Sam said in a panic voice.

Knowledge from reading few books about jungle explorations, she realized that they are now stranded in the world's biggest forest and their ticket to surviving is the supplies in the plane. We don't know when that thing will bl" before he managed to complete the sentence the plane exploded with a shock wave that made the couple fall back.

"Sam, we have save the supplies."Julie said while trying to go back to the plane. While listening to the ringing in her ear caused by the explosion, Julie thought "There goes that ticket." Far and deep in the jungle, the explosion and the tower of smoke didn't go unnoticed by most of the animals.

After all this was their honeymoon and a little bit of teasing here and there should be something normal.

The small domestic plane was shaking more than a bigger plane against rogue air currents, resulting small bounces in her chest area from time to time.

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