Free stream cam

It does motion capturing, e-mails, and offers mobile access.It's not included in this roundup since it costs money to use.We provide coverage of beaches and surf breaks in California and Hawaii, or for some international flavor, our cams are in El Salvador and Costa Rica, too.

It can also play any sound on your computer, or start another program (such as a lock-down or keyboard locking application). You just have to have plug in the outgoing settings on Google's help page and it will send a high-quality screen shot of whatever motion it's captured just a few seconds after it happens.Check out the wave conditions at famous Hawaiian surf breaks like Banzai or Waimea Bay, or zip down to South America to the surfing hotspot of Punta Roca, El Salvador.Swell Magnet offers the best HD surfcams in the world, and our live streaming cams are free to view.You can view either live video or snapshots that can be taken at intervals or on-demand.Home Camera's secret sauce is being able to e-mail you when you're not there.

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