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I once met a man in this state of mind while I was jumpseating (that’s industry talk for when flight attendants ride as passengers), and he made me laugh over the six hours we spent in our seats together.I knew there was some serious chemistry when I got up to go to the bathroom and rather than get up he made me climb over him, forcing me to straddle him and shove my boobs in his face. For a change, they don’t feel emasculated that we know more than them. After all, they are expected to not have to think or care. cities and flight attendants are given their own hotel rooms and have an eight-hour, FAA-mandated, no-alcohol policy.The flight attendant is already on to her next destination so: bye Felicia, onto the next. When you are wearing sweats and a T-shirt so you can be comfortable on your flight, we notice.Quite frankly, sweatpants in public are just as repulsive in the air as they are on the ground. Respect yourself and dress well, for Christ’s sake.You can also opt to upgrade your account, removing adverts from the site and allowing a few extra features.The funds raised through memberships goes towards promoting the site with full-page adverts in magazines such as Bike, Performance Bikes, Ride, MCN etc as well as online advertising on Facebook and Google.There are also voluntary events co-ordinators for most areas of the United Kingdom who are there to help you if you wish to set up an event/meet up/ride out.

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Chatroom: 3,776,925 total messages, 7,036 this week Private Messages: 4,205,980 total sent, 6,350 this week Nods: 627,152 sent, 1,155 this week Welcome to Biker Match (BM)! ) 11 years down the line now and we have members, 2 million page views per month, over 1,000 events per year, millions of forum posts & chatroom messages plus around 3,000-5,000 people logging on and 100 new members joining every single day.Matt also has his own day-job and runs BM in his spare time. It's been said many times that you get out of BM what you put in!So join in with the forums & attend some events/meet ups/ride outs. " by RAFEEF ZIADAH (with text-transcript) RAFEEF ZIADAH is a Canadian-Palestinian spoken word artist and activist. We teach life after they have built their settlements and apartheid walls, after the last skies. But today, my body was a TV'd massacre made to fit into sound-bites and word limits. Don't mention that word "apartheid" and "occupation". You have to help me as a journalist to help you tell your story which is not a political story. How about you give us a story of a woman in Gaza who needs medication? Do you have enough bone-broken limbs to cover the sun?link to video THE TEXT-TRANSCRIPT OF THE POEM Today, my body was a TV'd massacre. Today, my body was a TV'd massacre that had to fit into sound-bites and word limits and move those that are desensitized to terrorist blood. And these are not two equal sides: occupier and occupied.

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