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The combination of friendliness and shyness can lead to embarrassed smiles and awkward behavior that can easily be misinterpreted as dismissive body language.

Just because she smiles awkwardly and takes a step back doesn’t mean that she is not interested in you. In case you are this guy……you won’t have a lot of fun in the pearl of the north.

Bangkok has hundreds, if not thousands of those concrete blocks.

The atmosphere in the north is relaxed, calm and almost meditative.

Some of them are very good at hiding their naughty side. One thing I hate about the girls in Bangkok is that many of them are extremely materialistic. They have to have at least one gadget with the bitten apple symbol.

They have to wear the latest designer clothes from Siam Paragon. The influence of the Western “keeping up with the joneses” mentality has a huge influence on the younger generation of Thais in Bangkok. One thing I love about the women in the north is their friendliness.

Comparing the women in the north with the women in Bangkok is like comparing a rhinoceros with a squirrel.

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The movie comes to an end, you are ready to go for the kiss and she just smiles at you and says to happen when you are dating a girl way up north. Don’t be surprised when you are on a date with a girl who acts completely shy and who starts to shiver when you try to kiss her.When you have a look at the history of Chinese people in Thailand it is quite obvious why the skin of the girls in Chiang Mai is so white.Compared to other big cities, Chiang Mai is closer at the Chinese border.This development is the reason why it is worthwhile to have a not-so-innocent seduction adventure in the north of Thailand.The women in Chiang Mai are different than the women in any other part of Thailand.

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