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Also, depending on where you live, you can visit gay bars or look into gay/bi groups in your area. The more things you do, the greater you chance at finding someone. And if you or anyone else has any questions about anything, feel free to email me directly on BP here.

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I hope to meet somebody who lives nearby, but I'd love to chat with somebody further away. Marti I would love to see what gloryholes are about, but I just can't see me doing that at a random place. Have you ever thought about a machete or meat grinder or even a deseased person sucking your cock? Maybe in a group of people that you meet regularly and can trust to be free of stds and not going to become Wayne Bobbit. But to have people say, Yeah, I'm interested, lets chat or, they ask for chat and they play fifty questions and then tell you. I just wanted to see what kind of answers I would get from you. Come on now, this isn't Yahoo or some other stupid chat room where you can talk for free and find all the head games you want !

:) Lets chat about meeting for dinner, drinks, fun and friendship!

I am interested in a female to play around, go out with, or just hang out.

This is also a place to build and maintain friendships, and not always sexual friendships at that.

Too many people still have the misconception that all we "Swingers" want to do is have sex!

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