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I hate going to dinner and watching people incessantly take photos of the food instead of enjoying the food and the company of their friends.That’s why FUCK YEAH NOMS doesn’t have any fucking photos – I’m sure you can figure out what a goddamn garden salad looks like without my fucking help.Because I love the nom nom nom but I hate the food wank that exists now.I got fucking tired of trying to figure out if a restaurant was any good and coming across gushing, polite food blogs that still give terrible places fairly decent write ups (instead of saying ‘THIS PLACE WAS FUCKED, DO NOT GO EVER’).There’s good news today for Xbox owners that have wanted to use apps like Netflix and Hulu, but avoided paying for a /year Xbox Live Gold membership.

It's going to touch lives, whether one life or a million. There's no time for flowery bullshit masquerading as "compassion"; I mean, look, there’s far more tenderness in the word "fuck" than in the word "sunshine."When used with purpose, fuck is vulnerable. What so many fail to understand is that masking our pains with flowery language is far more damaging than any swear word could ever be.

I could give a hundred other examples of either, but I'm confident all of these writers would agree that our experience must be expressed authentically, from the mid-90s?

Remember the scene where Keanu is describing the bomb on the bus and he's having Alan Ruck narrate the specifics of what he sees to Jeff Daniels?

In the process, millions of grieving people end up in hiding—lonely, desperate, and without support.

The potential for shame becomes overwhelming, and how we choose to express ourselves via language has a direct correlation with how paralyzing that shame can be.

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