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It is a testament to the appeal of omgcafe that people will invest time, energy and money into trolling. The room labels exist mostly as a starting place, and so that there is a way for people to refer to things. You stream your cam to the room, and host a text chat.

You can go to cam4 or myfreecams if you want to watch hookers get paid. Yelling orders at people or asking someone to show their stuff is NOT COOL. How can I watch cams on my Android phone or tablet?

When we have an abusive guy (used to be "pp", different names now obviously) spending weeks using Puffin on all of his devices to run trolling chats and confidence scams, taking other people's names, to pretend to chat with them, and have friends and allies, it's not legitimate use.

While Puffin "proxies" your phone or tablet, we still know your device type and IP address. Why is the chat giving me a Service Unavailable error? If you want to chat, stay in a room and take turns.

We implemented push to talk (using the spacebar) so that we didn't get a lot of feedback from speakers.

The audio settings usually don't need to be touched.

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