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Do you have any sort of policy on acceptable and unacceptable commenting practices, Michael? Which makes it pretty harmless to anyone not standing right over it.

As witness that no one was actually harmed." NBC weapons, with emphasis on the C in this case are created, shipped, and loaded in binary form.

" The US government has now had a full year's time to interrogate the scientists,the top Baathists (including "Dr. Saddam himself is in US custody,reportedly fearful of what his former victims will do to him when he is turned over to the Iraqis.

Yet despite whatever methods,lures and threats have been turned on the detainees by the CIA,not one of them has come forward claiming knowledge about WMD programs or hidden stockpiles.

Where, one idly inquires, did these toys come from? Not a comforting thought, because if the sarin canister is in fact part of a larger stockpile, who the fuck has the rest of it?

Upon firing (be it released from an aircraft or fired in shell form) the plastic bladders break and the chemical uses the momentum from either the freefall bomb/art.Which makes it pretty harmless to anyone not standing right over it. The shells mix the precursors upon impact after being launched from a cannon.When simply set off by explosive, very little of the chemicals are mixed, and on traces of sarin are created; further, depending upon the strength of the explosion, much or most of the chemicals will simply be incinerated, as well, yet further lessening the danger.The two chemicals seperately will not outright kill you (although they can cause caustic burns & mild flu like symptoms in inhaled).This is done so that the muntion is relatively safe for transport & storage.

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