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To be frank, I found Dubner and Levitt's commentary extremely annoying. The way information was presented in neat little elementary-school-like "what-we-learned- from-this" packages was another annoyance for me.The main problem with a documentary that attempts to make an argument is that you have to do it in a way that does not make the viewers feel manipulated, which is very difficult (Michael Moore, for instance, sucks at it).As strange, mystifying, or unexpected as they may seem, these discoveries help predict. Although you may feel you've learned to ignore them, people who see a merchant's banner ad are 61 percent more likely to subsequently perform a related search, and this drives a 249 percent increase in clicks on the merchant's paid textual ads in the search results.Orbitz users on an Apple Mac spend up to 30 percent more than Windows users when booking a hotel reservation.In this heyday of big data, we thus make hay of this valuable overgrowth of "weeds," the residual side effect of organizations conducting business as usual.This is in contrast to economics and other social sciences, which often must actively conduct experimental studies in order to accrue pertinent data., 2011).The technology's prediction of human behavior determines, millions of times a day, whom to call, mail, approve, test, diagnose, warn, investigate, incarcerate, set up on a date, and medicate.By answering this mountain of questions, predictive analytics combats financial risk, fortifies healthcare, conquers spam, toughens crime-fighting, boosts sales—and may in fact answer the biggest question of all: To this end, predictive analytics techniques focus narrowly, striving to discover from data only insights that serve for the particular predictive objective at hand, such as whether each individual will consume, work, love, procreate, vote, mess up, commit a crime, or even die.

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Even if what they say really is true, I can't buy it, because the evidence is presented in such a slapdash, half-baked kind of way.

In contrast, predictive analytics drives a large number of operational and tactical decisions in a systematic or automatic fashion.

Social sciences set out to inform we humans; predictive analytics sets out systematically improve organizational functions on a massive scale.

In fact, a low credit score can increase your premium more than an at-fault car accident; missing two payments can as much as double your premium."Research indicates that people who manage their personal finances responsibly tend to manage other important aspects of their life with that same level of responsibility, and that would include being responsible behind the wheel of their car," Donald Hanson of the National Association of Independent Insurers theorizes.

Unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking follow retirement.

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