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The other problem is I don't see the point of the DJ.It distracts from the workout because I need to watch the girls to make sure I'm doing the move right and sometimes the camera cuts to the DJ which is annoying. I consider myself intermediate/advanced fitness level (to get an idea of my body composition I'm 5'7" 130 lbs 20.4% body fat).A hard body workout with some humor and great music, great recipe! Level 1 and 2 are very challenging and I am fitness finatic. I also love in level 2 in one part where Jillian saids to pick up 2 weights and hold them with one hand, and she saids, they (the girls) dont' comment back there, they are like, oh dear GOD! For most exercises I couldn't remember which side I had already done.If you start off with great energy and give it your all, you will feel the sweet, you will feel very good. If you do same circuit back to back as in Jillian's NMTZ, then you can balance your workout easily.)After doing Insanity workouts for 6 months, I needed a change.Years ago, I bought a Biggest Loser cardio DVD and loved it, so I thought Jillian's DVDs would be a safe bet.

I will keep the DVD and use it once in a while, but it's not among my Jillian's favorite ones. I own a lot of DVDs by Jiliian & I like most of them but this one was ok.The cut away shots to the DJ aren't that big of a deal to me, just make me smile because he looks so involved in spinning music which seems a little out of place given it's a workout video and not a night club.I think I might try additional videos now since I liked this one so much.Some days 30 mins are all I have, those days I do the Shred or Killer Abs etc.But some days I feel like working out longer, and this meets that criteria. Especially since most you get more than one workout!

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