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Here are a few ways to kick start your fun with dating in Spain without the computer, screen and keyboard: Some think classified ads are heading out of style or are used mainly by older folks however this is not the case when dating in Spain.Classified ads are an easy, low budget way to get the word out that you are available and looking for love.Finding an intercambio partner is simple; respond to an ad or post your own ad with a very brief self-description and a request for the language for which you’re looking to improve, in exchange for helping them learn your native tongue *ahem* and there is always a chance you might teach each other a bit more than just a new language.Websites to look and place ads include: What better way to find a date in Spain than to get your partner drunk and trick them into liking you?

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It is a little over the top with the ‘angel in his life’ comment, which some people might find either a bit cheesy or aggressive.Whatever the reason, ´under the guise of an ´intercambio´, many parejas in Spain have found each other.Whereas some might consider it sleazy, others think it’s a practical, no-pressure way to find someone with similar interests without the usual formalities of a date.The more direct, honest and sincere the ad, the better chances one has of hooking their bait.Some newspapers to check out or to which to post classified ads include: Barcelona: One of the best ways to find a date in Spain is to capitalize on the best of what the country has to offer for everyone.

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