Eva4 sim date rpg dating sim evangelion

It is then the focus of the game to build on your stats within a certain number of days and ‘win over’ one of the crew members.

As seen in screenshot 1 they have an active loading screen with spinning logos (when clicked they lead to websites on the authors) and a moving cloud motif in the background.

Screenshot 3 shows Shinji’s home, here you can sleep to gain health and pass a day, or click the icon on the top left of the screen to view your profile and stats. The top left shows your important information such as money, health and key items.

The top right tells you the day and the time of day, if you hover over the icon a window appears telling you your objectives and some extra hints to playing the game.

You have the option to leave them alone, talk to them, give them a gift, take them out on a date or fight them.This game is based on the series Neon Genesis Evangelion.In this game you play as Shinji and again hand out stats into 3 attributes.Each class has there own strengths and weaknesses that you can build on during the game.It then goes to screenshot 2 where you are asked for your name, weight and height; an option I have found unique to this game.

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