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I think Frank's career will be defined by his fearlessness and his artistic freedom.Incredibly a 10-year veteran of the UK`s urban music underground, 28-year-old singer/songwriter/producer/MC Estelle Swaray is this month finally achieving chart-topping mainstream success with her infectious, Kanye West-featuring UK Number One single `American Boy`.His whole vibe was just real relaxed, whereas a lot of the producers were really hectic and jumping around. I`d be holding my computer as he pranced around the room and be like `I know I`m small but I`m right here! In the UK it was more `It`s never been done before, so why do you think you could do it? You know, things go wrong for a lot of artists after being dropped. Instead they let me be bought out of my deal and didn`t go round slagging me off to other people. Because, each time I feel I`m gonna be out of the game, something comes along to keep me in it! Then looking back musically, I guess the main problem was V2 are predominantly an indie rock label. â Moving to New York from London; âThe reason for me moving was mainly because I was SIGNED over there. I had no choice, because they`d call me at four in the morning for meetings and stuff, and I`d be half-dead trying to further my career! Instead, the attitude over there is `You`re SUPPOSED to get a Number One with that song! And if you DON`T get a Number One, it`s like `Well, why HAVEN`T you? It`s not about your race per se in the grand scheme of things, and it`s not about what brand you fit into with your genre of music. John Legend: Live from Philadelphia (Video documentary) (performer: "Intro", "Maxine's Interlude", "Do U Wanna Ride", "Heaven", "Stereo", "Let's Get Lifted", "Alright", "She Don't Have To Know", "Number One", "Save Room", "Please Baby Don't", "Where Did My Baby Go? ", "Spottie Ottie Interlude", "I Can Change", "I Want You (She's So Heavy)", "Slow Dance", "Dance To The Music", "Another Again", "Again", "PDA/Rock Creek Park", "Used To Love U", "Ordinary People", "Coming Home", "Show Me", "So High") / (writer: "Maxine's Interlude", "Do U Wanna Ride", "Heaven", "Stereo", "Let's Get Lifted", "Alright", "Number One", "Save Room", "Please Baby Don't", "Where Did My Baby Go?", "I Can Change", "Slow Dance", "Another Again", "Again", "Used To Love U", "Ordinary People", "Coming Home", "Show Me", "So High") John Legend: Live at the House of Blues (Video) (performer: "Intro", "Get Lifted", "Alright", "She Don't Have To Know", "Number One", "Do It Again", "Live It Up", "Medley", "Selfish", "I Can Change", "Used To Love You", "Again", "Ordinary People", "So High", "Stay With You", "Refuge") [on Frank Ocean] You talk to some people in this business and you get the sense that they're very focused on radio: what will be a hit or won't be a hit. The focus is on creating something that's beautiful, that's great art...

And that all ends up going into the music.â What she was wanting to get across lyrically on this album; âI think the main message on the album is just to be REAL.

As the bubbly, fast-talking and forthright West Londoner (who now calls Brooklyn, New York home) hooks up with `B&S for one of her most revealing interviews to date.

Her current UK chart-topping single `American Boy`, which features superstar rapper Kanye West; âWe were just messing about in the studio, joking around.

So please feel free FOREVER to put me in that lane! He looks like he`s about five years old, and you just wanna cuddle him. â The main difference between `Shine` and Estelle`s debut album, 2004`s `The 18th Day;` âI think `Shine` is more grown-up. Whereas in Britain maybe it WOULDN`T happen because people didn`t quite get it. But while yes, we were poor and it could be looked back on as a really bad life, it never felt like that at the time AT ALL. And I also thank God that they knew when to let go and were like `OK, we don`t know what to do with you - go ahead and find somebody who DOES`.

â Some of the other A-list collaborators involved in the project; âCee-Lo was inspiring to watch, because he`s such a calm person for the superstar that he is. He`ll just sit there calmly with his guitar, and then he`ll just come out with these songs where you`re like `What do YOU know about this? It`s nothing personal - it`s purely the difference in the state of people`s minds. Because there`s a lotta labels that hold on to artists, or just drop them and then give them the stigma of being unworkable.

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