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When they accidentally make Ringmaster Tyrone - who hates clowns - miss his train to the city, they try to show him how funny and kind clowns can be.

Directors: Dave Palmer, Mike Shiell Uniqua is the sheriff who keeps her small western town safe for ping-pong.

Bitters, to get Katie to act in a commercial so that she can be admitted to the Palm Woods school. They enlist the help of all their friends at Palm Woods,including Camille and The Jennifers,to move the games and gadgets from the set to their apartment.

Guest Starring: Tanya Chisholm as Kelly Wainwright, Challen Cates as Mrs. Songs Featured: Big Time Rush Guest star(s): Tanya Chisholm as Kelly Wainwright, Challen Cates as Mrs.

The final episode aired on July 25, 2013, after four seasons comprising a total of 74 episodes.

Four hockey players from Minnesota, Kendall Knight (Kendall Schmidt), James Diamond (James Maslow), Carlos Garcia (Carlos Pena Jr.) and Logan Mitchell (Logan Henderson), learn that record producer Gustavo (Stephen Kramer Glickman) is conducting a talent search, and go to audition.

When Ping Pong Bandit Pablo comes to town, his deadly ping-pong moves allow him to beat everybody in town and even drive Sherriff Uniqua out.

Director: Dave Palmer Tori gets picked to be a team captain on the new TV game show "Brain Squeezers", that none of her friends have even heard of.

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Gustavo is impressed with Kendall's fiery personality and offers to bring him to Los Angeles, but Kendall will not go without the other three.See full summary » Directors: Steve Hoefer, David Kendall, Russ Reinsel, Adam Weissman Big friendly giant, Tasha, is new to the kingdom and wants friends to play with.However, Queen Uniqua simply cannot tolerate giants, especially when she's trying to take a beauty nap.See full summary » Stars: Jeremy Shada, Arden Rose, Christina Moore, Gabriel Conte Sins of Our Youth is the story of four teenagers who accidentally murder a younger boy while shooting off assault weapons recreationally and the perilous decisions they make in the wake of the murder. The interwoven storylines include a pastor and his wife struggling with their ...Director: Gary Entin "MADE IN HOLLYWOOD", is an inventive behind-the-screen entertainment news, headline; magazine-styled series, featuring exclusive celebrity interviews with Hollywood's premiere talent. See full summary » Stars: Kylie Erica Mar, Julie L. See full summary » Director: Dianne Houston Challenged with creating songs and music videos, three musical acts find more than their futures on the line when the competition gets fierce and their lives are caught on tape broadcast to...

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    I think they felt a bit wounded by the Jezebel article because, you know, it painted an inaccurate picture of Jon Stewart, for sure. It was already judging her before she even had a chance to test herself on the show. It was an emotional couple of weeks for me, for sure, because it’s my show. Also, why didn’t I get brought up in that article when I’ve been in the show only talking about women’s issues?