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This makes the relationship grow and you can very easily get her.It's time for you to stop sitting on the sidelines admiring all the beautiful women you see, and start DATING them.To date aimlessly and to have someone special as your partner are two different thing.If you are looking for a partner you just need to be very much well prepared. And they’re not interested in getting together with a man who doesn’t “get it” in the first place. But like I said, the chances are VERY slim, and the effort required just isn’t worth it. THESE TESTS ARE VERY SUBTLE Probably the most interesting thing about tests from women is that they’re not OBVIOUS. In fact, I’d say that 99% of all the tests that women use on men FLY BELOW RADAR. Of course, most guys will LOOK AGAIN within a few seconds. Now, I can’t go into all the aspects of how to deal with tests from women… But I will say that the most IMPORTANT thing to do is EXPECT tests… Because women don’t have the TIME to deal with all the guys who are interested in them. If you are a Wussy, and you fail the “Wussy Tests” that she throws at you, then you stand very little chance succeeding with the woman who is testing you. If you act like a Wussy, but you’re willing to pursue a woman for a few YEARS, and deal with the idea that you have about a 1 in 100 chance, then you MIGHT be able to convince her to marry you. Well, one way that I KNOW I’m being tested is my GUT. In fact, if us guys would just learn to use this amazing “test detector” called our GUTS, then we’d live happier lives. Next time you’re interacting with a woman and she does or says something that makes your gut tense up, you’re probably being tested. She just told you what to do, and you went for it without a second thought. THIS HAS HAPPENED TO YOU If you think back in your life about all of the situations with women that went BAD, you’ll probably find that you were TESTED, and you FAILED. And before I give you some tips on handling tests from women, I want to say AGAIN: If you find yourself failing tests from women on a CONSISTENT basis, then you should get yourself some “in- depth” reprogramming on a DEEP level. In that moment, you have just failed the test with flying colors. I should probably get the jackass award for most tests failed with women.

But BY FAR, in my experience, more women will test you initially to see if you’re a WUSSY! The VERY FIRST thing a woman wants to “know” about you is whether or not you’re a submissive, ass-kissing boy who has no balls. Or maybe you’ve started a conversation with a group of girls at a coffee shop. You say “Oh, well I wasn’t planning on seeing anyone important today… In one way or another, you probably missed some VITAL clue that you were being tested, and you wound up failing. HOW TO DEAL WITH TESTS If you’re going to successfully deal with tests from women, you first need to “get it”.I'll show you the best ways to attract any woman, no matter how beautiful she is, or how many other guys are trying to get her attention. You could be a corporate high-flyer or a struggling student who is deep in debt.These tips are very effective in making your girl realize what you want and brings in positive response.In order to learn how to seduce a girl, you need not have to have a very attractive physique. Having a good physique though is an added advantage, but presentation is all that matters. You must express you feelings with all seriousness and worth proper articulations. No matter how simple the gift is, as you wish her it becomes very special. At the most it is very important to refrain from any kind of comparison in the process of following the rules of how to seduce a girl.

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