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Whipple and her colleagues even confirmed this theory by doing PET scans of women with complete spinal cord injury.These tests showed that an area of their brains that is connected to the genitals through the sensory vagus was indeed receiving signals.The important thing is to focus on the person and the connection, not the impairment.'Emily, who is an accessibility consultant for disability charity Enhance The UK, says she enjoys a healthy intimate relationship with Rob, who she met while on a charity trip with Journey of a Lifetime Trust (JOLT) to Southern Africa when they were both 16 years old.Emily, who was born with cerebral palsy and has been in a wheelchair since she was nine, is in a long-term relationship with partner Rob, who's able-bodied.The couple have a 'great sex life', she says The charity's latest campaign, Undressing Disability, shows Emily and a host of other disabled people stripping off for photographs that will form part of an exhibition at the Gherkin in London later this month.Kelly, who works for a lifestyle management company for professional footballers, married graphic designer and artist Jarath - or Jaz - also 26, six months ago."Different sounds, scents, and sights can bring us pleasure.For example, maybe you like peeling grapes and feeding them to your partner." She calls these alternative options -- paths to sexual pleasure that don't involve the exchange of bodily fluids -- "outercourse." Outercourse isn't the only option.

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"Only one of the non-spinal-cord-injury women had an orgasm, while three of the women with [spinal cord injury] had an orgasm in the laboratory," Whipple says. One had never had any sexual stimulation in the two years since her injury, and these were her first." If there's no "feeling" below the waist, then what explains these sensations?

Mitchell Tepper, Ph D, president of the Sexual Health Network ( travels the country speaking about sexuality to conventions and groups of people with disabilities.

Tepper, whose spinal cord was injured in a diving accident when he was working as a lifeguard some 20 years ago, tells listeners that television and movies often promote myths about sexuality and disability.

They were friends in college but went their separate ways before reuniting in their early twenties.'One of the hotel staff went up to my brother and said "What's your room number because your wife's just bought a cocktail and you've got to pay for it", and my brother said, "That's my sister and she can pay for her own drink!

"'But I think you should discuss things as you would with any other person really - disabled people are just the same as anybody else, so any questions you've got just ask and the person hopefully shouldn't have a problem with it.'When we were first together, though, I used to make him stand outside of the bedroom so I could get undressed and get into the bed myself - just to be independent, which was quite funny really as he'd be waiting there for ages.'Timm and I had been together a long time and in some ways I think I was lucky about that because I didn't have to figure out how to approach a new partner and how to talk to them about all this, but on the other hand it completely changed our roles in the relationship for a while.

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