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Guest editors for this special issue are Andrés Bernasconi Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and Sergio Celis, Universidad de Chile.

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Wedding planning was a little stressful as i was having soo many ideas thanks to instagram (im sure every bride to be would be in the same boat) however if i was having trouble making a decision on something; Dejan would remind me to just relax and help me make the decision.

Not only did Talia Favia choreograph one of her solos in 2017, but Kalea also recently signed with Bloc Talent Agency in L. and, last summer, placed first overall in the junior contemporary solo category at Radix Nationals.

Taylor Swift is #blessed in many ways: She's got a great voice, insane song writing skills, and, to quote her new hit single, she's "Gorgeous." She is not, however, blessed in the dance department.

So we weren't surprised when during the latest episode of her "Making of a Song" series for AT&T, she unveiled a new endearingly awkward maneuver, which she's dubbed the "dolphin body roll"—and it practically had friend and producer Jack Antonoff rolling on the floor!

🤣 You rehearse your group routine to perfection, but when the big performance rolls around, everyone turns into speed demons.

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    Then, in 1971, he had the chance to buy back the Scout that had taken him on his pre-war tour. Yarocki reassembled he bike and rode it, but eventually parted it out.

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    "It was very, very difficult for me and his mother, especially, to get along.