Deal with intimadating people updating built in gps systems

Intimidation has many forms ranging from the more obvious threats, such as shouting and use of abusive language, to the less obvious use of silence, creating a powerful presence and constant bullying.

Some family members will even imply that their social worker is incompetent or displaying inappropriate behaviour, and request a replacement.

It's no more energy than what I would expend if they lived here, it's 1,000 times better than e-mail/Facebook.

Look back at the case history on a regular basis to see if there is a recurring pattern.

Here is a guide to managing highly resistant behaviour.1 Always ensure you are safe Find out whether you can access training on managing aggression.

Take responsibility for your own personal safety and follow procedures such as visiting in pairs, carrying a mobile phone, having a call-back procedure at the end of your visit and parking your car facing the way you intend to leave.

The importance of good-quality, reflective supervision cannot be over-stressed here, because it is within such sessions that the social worker can identify progress or the lack of it.

Ray Braithwaite is a freelance trainer specialising in aggression and stress What do you think?

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