David sutcliffe dating lauren graham

set off on the campaign trail with then-Senator Obama. Yes, he accidentally got Sherry pregnant, but still.

Suffice to say my worst fears were more than realized.Every solid TV series has a will they-won’t they couple that drives the drama.For “Gilmore Girls,” that was Lorelai and Luke, the single mom and the grumpy eternal bachelor who seemed like soulmates from the very first scene of the very first episode. Christopher was a crappy father to Rory: Seriously, he sucked, Until he offered to pay her Yale tuition, he was barely around. Remember when he promised to be with Lorelai, then ran back to his ex-girlfriend Sherry?He let Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop) use him as a pawn in her own, twisted game: Emily didn’t want her daughter ending up with a diner-owner, so she invited Christopher to her vow-renewal ceremony.

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