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She travels back to Stars Hollow (but not before ditching her gigantic travel backpack, because did anyone really think she would actually hike?

Melissa Mc Carthy claims she was never asked to reprise her role as Sookie.

So as you might expect, fans were furious in the sixth season when Luke (Scott Patterson) discovered he had a long-lost daughter, a 12-year-old named April (Vanessa Marano).

Her arrival drove such a wedge between him and Lorelai (Lauren Graham) that April is considered by many the most-hated plot device in “Gilmore Girls” history.

The person who really seems to take issue with this living arrangement is Lorelai’s mother, Emily (Kelly Bishop), who calls them “roommates” and doesn’t believe they’re really serious about each other.

While that may be wishful thinking because she’s never thought Luke – a owner – was good enough for her daughter, Lorelai insists they’re in a real, solid relationship, but in no rush to get married.

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