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So this means that the trader can establish its own policy as long as it doesn’t go against other consumer rights, for example the right that the good(s) should be in conformity with the contract of sale (Sale of Goods and Associated Guarantees Directive 99/44/EC) and your rights in relation to faulty goods or delayed or non-delivery.

Most traders do offer some sort of return, exchange, or credit note policy as a gesture of goodwill but remember, it is not an automatic right, except in relation to certain online purchases.

As with ‘free trials’ (already discussed), many dating website memberships have an opt-out system for subscription cancellation.

If you forget to do this in time you’ll then find yourself trapped into a rolling contract.

Consumers frequently encounter these offers via adverts on social media.

As we tend to do a lot of our searching and online interaction on our mobiles, we are therefore not as careful as maybe we would be using our desktop or laptops.

From a health point of view you should always be careful what you buy online.

The renewal process should be clearly outlined in the terms and conditions and as the consumer is asked to agree to these at the time of joining the site it can be difficult to seek further redress.

The practice is permissible so long as the trader has taken sufficient steps to inform the consumer that the contract entered into is subject to automatic renewal.

Or maybe you’ve bought something in the January sales that has led you to seriously question your capacity to make a decent or sane purchasing decision?

Whatever your reasons for wanting to return items it is important to note a few things, you know, before you go into the shop or contact the trader all guns blazing.

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