Dating voicemail message

Simple systems may not provide active notification at all, instead requiring the recipient to check with the system, while others may provide an indication that messages are waiting.

More advanced systems may be integrated with a company’s PABX, with a call center ACD for automatic call distribution; with mobile or paging terminals for message alert; and computer systems/data bases for delivering information or processing orders.

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Simple voicemail systems function as a remote answering machine using touch-tones as the user interface.You can set Voicemail up to tell you the time and date your messages were received by: If you don't want to set this up for every message, you can still find out the time, date and caller number of specific messages by keying 8 during or after the message.Choose how you're told about new messages There are three ways we can let you know when you have a new message: The maximum time delay that can be set is 30 seconds.Although VMI trademarked the term, it eventually became a generic term used for referring to virtually all automated voice services employing a telephone.Voicemail popularity continues today with Internet telephone services such as Skype, Google Voice and ATT that integrate voice, voicemail and text services for tablets and smartphones Voicemail systems were developed in the late 1970s by Voice Message Exchange (VMX).

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