Dating tips for fat girls how to make a good dating profile

So proudly post your body shots alongside your flawless selfies, and the body-positive babes will come your way.My dating profile makes various references to the fact I’m fat, but none of them are apologies.So I’m now able to filter the list of people I see when I search for people in London, in the age range I prefer, who have answered positively to the two major questions that Ok Cupid uses to determine compatible body politics (If one of your potential matches were overweight, would that be a dealbreaker? Both the plugin, and the ability to search by answer to a question, are just great timesaving approaches, and mean I personally feel more secure as a fat woman doing online dating.Personally, people who aren’t 100% positive about fat bodies are one of my hard limits.I’m not going to say it’s life-altering, but it is life-enhancing.

These are quite Ok Cupid-specific suggestions, which is possibly an indication as to why it’s the best site, but anyway.

That’s almost certainly the truth, unless you’re a mean ol’ thing.

Never apologize for taking up someone’s time, never be grateful that they’re on a date with you, never buy into the myth that they have the upper hand because you’re fat and you should be happy they turned up.

): This means I can tell straight away that the person whose profile I’m looking at probably doesn’t hate fat people. If I’m scrolling through my potential matches and think ‘Ooooh, looks cute, let’s check ’em out…’ and it turns out they’re a wrong ‘un, this is what I see at the top of the page instead: This means the answers they’ve given on body type are B – A – D and they are not someone I want to date.

This saves me the trouble of either blithely messaging them and wasting my precious typing energy (which I conserve for blogging and bitchy tweets), or having to trawl through the answers to their questions, looking for specific tweets about their attitudes to bodies. You can customise the plugin to reflect things that are important to you, so obviously the ‘weight nondiscriminating’ category isn’t standard across everyone’s.

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