Dating someone with sleep apnea

Actually, doctors pretty much believed that women just couldn’t develop sleep apnea.

Most women would probably be content to leave it at that, but as we learn more and more about OSA, doctors are realizing that women can suffer from sleep apnea too.

Speaking of CPAP treatment – if you are worried about a mask getting in the way of your beauty sleep, it is important to note that your CPAP mask could actually be an integral part of your beauty regimen.

No really, there was a study that pointed out that CPAP can make you objectively more attractive.

I am also well aware that too much O2 can be dangerous. Secondly, each cpap is to be titrated to your specific needs!!!

Yeah, you may be able to buy them on the internet or ebay, but thats just gross and extremely dangerous.

CPAP machines are not by prescription only, otherwise you could not buy them anywhere. I am also well aware that too much O2 can be dangerous. I am also in the health profession and that doesn't mean I know everything about everything. If a pressure is forced on to you that is to strong then you could end up with a pneumothorax or in layman terms, a hole in your lung! You need a sleep study and titration to determin what exactly your needs are. People can need a pressure on 6cm H2O while others need 14 cm H2O. With sleep apnea, your breathing is disrupted while you are asleep.The results range from short-term sleepiness to long-term risks for diseases.

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