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She, like a lot of professional women in their twenties, is focused on making serious strides in her career before she has to make tough decisions about marriage and kids.(Yeah, I wish this were equally true of young men, too.(It later reversed the decision.) Even then, though, surveys showed half of us have had an office fling; and today, a whopping The shameful holiday-party hookup is no longer the primary association with intra-office romance. In some industries, the open business and romantic partnership is even I concede that meeting someone at work makes logical sense.Lines between professional and personal lives are blurrier than ever, partly for practical reasons — even post-recession, most of us are still — and partly for cultural ones.These numbers strongly suggest that modern attitudes towards workplace romances are shifting.Of these Millennial romantics, 71% believe that there are positive repercussions of engaging in these extra-curricular activities. When you are involved in a meaningful romantic relationship, your productivity at work is likely to increase: we all tend to work harder when we are happy.By Joe Issid Monster Contributing Writer Given that such a great proportion of our daily lives are spent surrounded by our colleagues, it seems statistically probable that our partners are found among them.

Having the ability to eat lunch with your partner daily or being able to take coffee breaks with them decrease the amount of work time spent on personal matters.It just .) “This generation is totally determined to have kids by the time they’re in their thirties because of fertility issues,” says career coach Penelope Trunk.How, exactly, are millennial women supposed to devote themselves fully to both their job and their relationship(s)?It has been five years since our initial disclosure and my wife still works for the company; despite the fact that I left a couple of years ago to pursue a new career, I still play on their soccer team and attend company events.Many companies fear that employees who become romantically involved with one another run a great risk of becoming distracted at work and will see a decrease in productivity and focus.

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