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We present identifications of water and other absorption bands. a.m.

LCROSS Science Team - [#2025] The nadir-viewing Near-Infrared Spectrometer (1.17–2.45 μm) on the LCROSS Shepherding Spacecraft observed 4 min of the impact plume/curtain from the Centaur impact inside Cabeus Crater.

These results will be needed to apply these samples as ground truth and to determine their geologic context through remote sensing.

[#1927] We present new integrated mineralogy/petrography/spectroscopy results for a suite of lunar meteorite samples.

[#2567] We performed a series of laboratory simulations irradiating lunar simulants with low and high energy protons and examined the results of infrared reflectance absorption spectroscopy (IRAS) for signs of the O-H absorption band for water. p.m.

[#2665] We report on a laboratory simulation of solar-wind lunar implantation, and demonstrate that we are able to dehydrate/dehydroxylate lunar samples, expose them to moderately energetic H plasma, and detect the presence of newly formed OH/H2O. p.m.

[#2552] Increasing evidence supports the notion that water is present on the Moon. LCROSS Team - [#2503] The LCROSS-EDUS impact excavated material from beneath a permanently shadowed region of the Moon. Although no clear signal of ejecta plume has been detected, an upper limit for the ejecta mass beyond 2.5 km of height is 1000 kg, only 1/20 of a pre-impact theoretical estimate. a.m. Chandrayaan-1 mission made important discoveries that provide new insights on lunar evolution. a.m. Although there was no clear sign of H2O line detected, the upper limit of H2O mass is much lower than pre-impact predictions. a.m. [#1939] We observed infrared spectra of LCROSS impacts using the Subaru telescope to find H2O hot band emission lines.

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