Dating seeing too much

Rather than obsessing over why he isn’t spending more time with you.

If you are going to talk to friends or family about him, make those conversations about the nice things you have done together, rather than all of you fixating on him not seeing enough of you and reading too much into that. But don’t put your life on hold while you fit in with his schedule. Do your friends and family make you feel like being in a relationship is very important?

It would be like saying, “Clock, what are we doing here? Does that mean we’re awake in the early morning, or does it mean we’re up late at night? The kinds where you do your whites together on laundry day, meet parents and talk about the future.

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Alternatively you may find you aren’t that compatible.

The good news is you’ve met someone you really like. Outside of that you also have friends, hobbies, interests, and perhaps work or study to keep you busy.

Use this as an opportunity to fill your life with things you like, including him.

At which point you may be relieved you didn’t rush in.

We are led to believe that a perfect or proper relationship involves long term commitment to someone who you put first, see a lot of and have at the centre of your life.

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