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Going to the cinema and travelling I am a kind, caring, genuine and loving person. I enjoy walking, reading, watching a good film or just relaxing on a cold winters night.

I want a person who complime love animals, rainy days, and watching d.v.d,s, mostely horror films.

I want to see more places where people can meet up; more people who can have a conversation; more conversation that does not revolve around how much money you made the day before; more women who talk about what they do, rather than listen like idiots; more idiots who stay at home; and more homes for the idiots.

And, yes, you may think I’m going on a rant because I’m past my sell-by date and bitter at being over forty and not being in a stable relationship.

What I found was a syringe pit, full of men who want to inject their egos and supposed brilliance into your system, and women who – due to our common misconception of age – are too willing to let them succeed. Enough with the super inflated egos: if you think you’re the only businessman who’s managed to make a million, you’re delusional.

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