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He set about learning geography from an encyclopedia he purchased for the purpose and learned engraving from an experienced engraver of maps.Around 1810 he had produced his first globe, and by 1818 he and his sons had established an "artificial globe manufactory" in Albany, New York, where they produced globes of three-inch, nine-inch, and thirteen-inch diameters.An active and many said inevitable Secession crisis grips our land.This small globe was issued in Boston by Gilman Joslin on the verge of a chaos this nation had never seen, if that's not holding history in your hand then I don't know what is!button to explore our inventory of antiquarian & rare books including works of Americana, Atlases & Travel Guides, and Geographics (includes School Atlases, Travel Guides, Ephemera, Periodicals, Illustrations and U. The three globes shown here were produced by James Wilson, America's first commercial globe maker.Lets take a look: This globe is a great example of the work being done by the Gilman Joslin firm in the mid 1800's.

It's mounted at what appears to be an odd angle.... Now when I first saw a globe mounted like that I'll be honest I figured it was a one off custom alteration.

button to delve into our varied assortment of globes of every type, size, age, and price range; including Terrestrial, Celestial & Lunar globes.

And we have some very special sets of paired Terrestrial & Celestial globes.

Most globes we are used to looking at are mounted straight on, or tilted 23.5 degrees. Then as time passed and I studied more I started seeing smaller globes of a certain time period, both English and American were often mounted in this fashion.

It was weird at first but in one way it is quite logical.

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