Dating prehistoric paintings

Prehistoric cave art isn't really an art movement as it is a period in mankind's artistic development.It predates writing, printmaking and basically encompasses the genesis of both early sculpture and painting.In Europe and Africa, early works of art depict animals, humans and include archaic symbols.The former may be drawn or sculpted realistically or represented by the clever emphasis of a distinctive characteristic, such as the tusks of the mammoth or the horn of a rhinoceros.Their lifestyles depended on hunting and foraging for food or later on pastoral agriculture.It is possible that earlier peoples might have decorated their bodies and clothes or marked trees or features in the landscape but, if they did, evidence of that art has not survived.

White is more rare, but it is seen at Lascaux cave.Changing styles of decorated pottery became the designer labels of successive generations of prehistoric peoples.Of all the known prehistoric works of art, some 70 per cent may be attributed to hunter-foragers, 13 per cent to herders and stock raisers, and 17 per cent to people with an organized economy (farmers, livestock breeders, and the like).With the spread of farming as a way of life, people began to settle in villages, and territories were defined.Drawings like maps and landscapes appeared, along with domesticated animals and more human figures.

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