Dating open ended questions

Never say anything sexually inappropriate or make a personal remark which may make a person feel uncomfortable.For instance you can say you admire a date’s jacket but if you mention a body part or talk about your private fantasies, you will not only come off as crude but end up making your date wary of his safety.Take it easy and slow and he is sure to get comfortable talking about himself.Pay attention to your date An important part of making conversation is also listening appropriately.While you may have succeeded in getting the conversation going, at the same time it is also important to listen actively to what your partner has to say and maintain eye contact when he is speaking to you.

and yet first date conversations usually arouse much trepidation since you don’t yet know what your partner would and would not like to talk about.Pay a compliment or two Everyone likes to hear something nice about himself.It tells the listener that he is appreciated and has something special.Also always make it a point to be sincere about your compliments – don’t praise anything that you don’t genuinely appreciate; rather take a second or two to observe something about your date that you like and then base your compliment on that.This way your date will not only feel flattered but also be assured that your appreciation is sincere.

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