Dating of paleolakes in the central altiplano of bolivia

Lake Ballivián itself is of late Quaternary age and may have influenced the spread and development of animals in the Altiplano.In the southern Altiplano, Lake Escara may be coeval with Lake Ballivián.While insolation and CO forcing likely drove the general pattern of deglaciation in the southern tropical Andes, regional ocean-atmospheric and hypsometric controls must have contributed to the full pattern of glacial variability. Tropical climate changes at millennial and orbital timescales on the Bolivian Altiplano. The tropical Andes of Peru and Bolivia are important for preserving geomorphic evidence of multiple glaciations, allowing for refinements of chronology to aid in understanding climate dynamics at a key location between hemispheres. This review focuses on the deglaciation from Late-Pleistocene maximum positions near the global Last Glacial Maximum (LGM).

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The chronology, sedimentary history, and paleoecology of the Tarija Basin (Bolivia), one of the richest Pleistocene mammalian sites in South America, are revised here based on a multidisciplinary study, including stratigraphy, sedimentology, geomorphology, paleontology, isotope geochemistry, and C dates encompassing all the fossil-bearing sequences previously studied in the Tarija Basin.The dated layers range in age from about 44,000 to 21,000 radiocarbon years before present (BP), indicating that the Tarija fauna is much younger than previously thought.Glacial advances correlated to marine isotopic stages (MIS) 4 and 2 (ca. Holocene tropical South American hydroclimate revealed from a decadally resolved lake sediment δ18O record. Radiocarbon-Dates on Deglaciation, Cordillera Central, Northern Peruvian Andes.

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