Dating love spark

Should you be worried that the relationship is headed to Nowhereville? The good news is that the spark can be instantly present, but it can also develop over time.“I believe the AHHH can grow, with or without the presence of the WOW.It is primal and based on our innate need for sexual connection and release.The WOW can be triggered by unconscious signs like a certain smell, sound or memory and it often creeps up on us before we even realise it.” Melanie believes this is what Sally experienced on her date.“With the WOW, there’s a physical response, like Sally’s, with quickened pulse, sweating, dilated pupils and heightened sexual awareness.” Needless to say, the WOW is typically short-lived and does not always translate into a deeper connection. “This is typically based on a deeper connection, compatibility and shared values,” explains Melanie.So the million dollar question; which one is better?!Because long term, committed relationship success tends to be based on non-physical criteria (such as shared values, similar interests and the capacity to make your partner laugh), it has little to do with the WOW factor.” The tricky part is making the call as to whether the spark is a WOW or an AHHH… The important thing is that the compatibility between you two must trigger the AHHH spark because this is the difference between platonic friendship and romantic love.For Sally, she says while at first her spark was definitely WOW, it turned into AHHH the more the two of them hung out together. “Look beyond the physical, exciting stuff, and examine your real criteria for relationship success.

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When people choose their partners based on mutual physical chemistry, it can cloud their judgment and cause them to ignore any unflattering qualities about each other. If you never give a chance to the sixes and sevens [out of ten], you could be sabotaging something that has legs in the long term." That's why Betito recommends giving someone at least two dates before writing that person off…collaboration with Vaupel Design for the Human Touch installation at Vivid Sydney. “I was literally struggling to breathe at one point.” Ah yes, the ‘spark’.Here Psychologist and Dating Coach Melanie Schilling explains there are two different kinds of ‘spark’ in the dating world. We’ve all heard of it, felt it and wondered just how important it really is to a relationship. Or is it like enjoying a fantastic bottle of wine – great for a first date to kick things off, but not exactly essential to a successful relationship?"Families fix you up with people who have the same beliefs, culture…a spark can build based on what you have in common.

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